Friday, November 15, 2013

Candy Wrapper Origami

 Origami windmill made from a Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper.

Do you still have candy leftover from Halloween?  If so, you might want to save a few of those wrappers to make some fun origami pieces.  Over at Origami Resource Center they've created  a round up of different things to fold with various candy wrappers.  My personal favorite is the heart ring folded from a Starburst wrapper.  Click here to see more ideas from Origami Resource Center.


Swedish Scrapper said...

Love this! I will check them out....
One of my all time favorite mascots is a tiny origami swan my son made me from a chewing gum wrapper! I love how small it is, and I love what the fine print adds to the design.

Alka Gupta said...

Your pinwheel is really nice. I like the idea of u using the candy wrapper for making origami. I also try to make my origami models using old used paper to help save the environment.

Also you can find a number of very engaging and fun origami models on my blog. Do have a look.

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