Thursday, November 21, 2013

Knitting Christmas Gifts

To say I'm late to the "making gifts for Christmas" party is an understatement.  I'm really attending the after party at this point.   Over the weekend I sat down with by knitting needles and began to get to work.  I started with a pair of mittens for my daughter's American Girl doll.  And yes, I've shared about these mittens two other times (here and here) but it's such a great pattern.  They're quick to make and use barely any yarn.  What's not to love?

Anyone else making Christmas gifts this year?  Please share.  Feel free to add a link to your projects in the comments if you want.

Last, check back tomorrow for a fun giveaway I have planned.


tamdoll said...

Those mittens are cute! In the last few days I've committed to knitting a pair of fingerless mittens for my sister-in-law and my husband requested a scarf (no patterns picked yet). I also saw a crochet edged scarf that I may make for someone - if I find a nice cotton scarf for sale, I'll add a crochet edging to it. So, I think my fingers will be busy while I watch some movies over the next few weeks to get these done. (Been looking over your old posts, too the last few days, my daughter requested the mini cake kits that you mentioned back in September - you're lucky to find these things locally!)

Cara said...

Last year, I made 4 of these scarves. One for my mother-in-law and one for each of my sisters-in-law. They do knit up fast, but I started knitting them over the summer.

Suzanne said...

I just went back to your other posts. These mittens are all so adorable! Thanks for the eye candy and inspiration. I really loved seeing how you used them for packages.

lora said...

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