Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun Labels for Your Handmade Goods

Image Credit: Sublime Stitching

For me, what elevates a nice gift to fabulous are the details.  That could mean the way it's wrapped, how it's presented or a special detail to the gift itself.  Which is why I'm absolutely smitten about these labels from Sublime Stitching. They're just the right touch of whimsy for that special handmade gift.  I personally like the Japanese labels that read "made with love".  However, the "this took forever" labels come in a close second because haven't we all wanted to say that at some time.  

What's your favorite?  Would you use these labels in your handmade gifts?


Alvina said...

Hahah my favorite is the this took a long time one! I just made some jewelry and though the concept was simple it took a long time cause I had to do multiple coats of paint (had to let them dry first). :)

Michelle L. said...

Totes adorbs! I love This Took Forever, with Unicorns running a very close second. what a cool product!

Danna said...

OMG I totally need the one that says... "This took forever..."

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