Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kid Craft: Holiday Cards for Dolls

My family and I our in the full swing of the holiday season.  The Christmas tree and other decorations are up.  The kid's have been feasting on their chocolate advent calendars.  Dates for holiday gatherings have been set.  And last but definitely not least, we've been crafting.  My daughter and I have been making these tiny holiday cards for her American Girl doll.  They're such an easy craft, I thought some of you or your children might enjoy making them too. 


Christmas images (about 1 /12in by 1 in) - we cut out images of cards from a Paper Source catalog.  Any small Christmas images will work. Look through all those catalogs you been receiving in the mail.

Scraps of card stock

Glue dots or glue stick


Scoring Tool (optional)


1. Adhere image with glue dots to the right side of a card stock scrap.

2. With a scoring tool or by hand, fold paper behind image to make a card shape.

3.  Hold the card shut flat and trim off excess paper.  Making the cards this way opposed to measuring out the card stock first is easier for children.


Deanna said...

Very cute! My oldest daughter would totally be into this craft. I'll have to show her this idea. :)

Michelle L. said...

So fun and darling!!!

Suzanne said...

I never thought of making cards for my nieces' AG dolls, but I bet they love that! Thanks for planting the seed.

tiku tiku said...

so lovely :)

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