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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Part III: How To Make a Ribbon Rosette Brooch

Here's the last project for the series, the Rosette Brooch.

Directions - make the rosette from the tutorial here. Instead of making two rosettes with each color ribbon, make one rosette using both colors (refer to picture below).

After you have the rosette made, place the button in the center of the rosette. Glue the back of the button and rosette to a pin like the picture below. Done.

*I used E6000 Glue for the pin. You can purchase this at most craft stores.
The pin back you can find at most craft and bead stores as well.


Ashley said...

OMG, these are sooo cool. I've been checking every day for your tutorials...are you sure you have to stop now? lol

Ashley said...

Oh, I forgot to add, if you want to visit my personal blog (to see who I am), go to www.bosssanders.com. The one listed on blogger isn't the personal blog :) Have a good day!

Chihiro said...

Hi Kawaii clafter-san,
I'm Japanese. I didn't know such a many people imprested and inspired from Japanese Zakka. I like your the Rosette Brooch and your zakka making. It's so pretty!!!

zakkalife said...

thanks ashley, I went and checked out your site

chihiro - I've discovered from blogging that a lot of people enjoy the Japanese Zakka style.

I visited your site as well, lovely artwork!

Unknown said...

yep...gotta make this!! We are all going to go ribbons hunting tomorow, tks to you, I have locked up my kids gameboy and psp (hated them anyway)...and force them (and me too) to do some crafting. My kids spend way too much time on TV and games...like me - too much time on blogging i guess :)

happy weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for visiting my site. I love your new project. I love the color combination. I will look for materials and I will try it on my little girl's white dress.


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

I am loving all of your Rosettes. Thanks for your tutorials!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these tutorials! I'm excited to make some. The length required is just right for some of my ribbons that are currently in awkward lengths.

Beertje Zonn said...

Your rosettes are lovely!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands

Ginger said...

Oh my i love your blog had a great time here and letting others know come see your blog. Going to post your's on mine .
You got me hooked on your's lol
Thank you for your kind comment on mine:0)))

Toxiferous said...

This is so, so wonderful! I would love to make one to use as an accent for a dressy hat.

Anonymous said...

Lady, you rock. These are cute. I was walking past a store in the mall. And they were selling these ribbon belts for $40. As if! The rosettes you showed are way cuter than the one they had. Can't wait to try it. Thanks!

Ginger said...

Another fantastic tutorial well done my friend.Can see these on the girls this year good for any age.Wonderful how you share your talents bless you and yours .
hugs ginger

zakkalife said...


thanks for your comment, it made me smile

you've got me curious about those belts now

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