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Friday, December 18, 2009

Craft Project: Sea Glass Christmas Ornament

Perhaps for the want of warmer weather, I got out the jar of sea glass. With no particular idea in mind, I began to piece the glass together like a puzzle. And before I knew it, an ornament unfolded before my eyes.

Small pieces of Sea Glass - the ones in the picture above are amount 1/4 - 1/2 inches in diameter. May be purchased at craft stores.
Glue - I used Ecoglue for this project. The most important thing is you want an extra strength glue that dries clear.
Jewelry Bail
Wax paper

Mix and match pieces to get the best fit for your wreath, much like a puzzle. You want the flat sides to touch so you can glue it together.

Once you have your pieces laid out it's time to glue. Take one piece out of the composition and add glue to the side.

Glue to the next piece. Continue to do this until all the sea glass is glued together. Make sure all the bonds are as tight as possible. Carefully wipe away any glue that is showing on the top of the glass.

Glue the bail onto the back of the ornament. Let dry for a full day.


Rae said...

So beautiful! I love these!!!

Patois42 said...

Michelle at Scribbit tweeted about this. My son has collected so much sea glass. This is a great use. Guess what we're doing tomorrow?! Yours are so beautiful.

Kristin said...


Anonymous said...

So. Cool!!

I experienced sea glass for the first time this summer when I visited a local beach (I love beaches but I never get the chance to go) and it was so amazing! I was able to collect a few pieces, but probably not enough to make an ornament out of. I'll be thinking of this project next time I visit a beach (and I'm typing this as it's snowing outside lol).

Mermaids Purse said...

Hi Jessica, Very nice idea for an ornament. Simple and well done. Don't ya just love it when ideas just kinda come to you. I think I'll be getting busy to make something like this for gifts. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon www.mermaidspurseseaglass.com

Liz said...

These are lovely. I picked up quite a bit of beach class when I was in Puerto Rico. This may be THE project I finally use it for...

Mousy Brown said...

These are so beautiful - I love them - don't think i'd be strong enough to take them down after Christmas! :)

Maiden Jane said...

These are lovely. I love to collect sea glass. The only item I've made is a wire-wrapped pendant. We had a craft party for my 13 yo daughter and that's what everyone made (adults and kids.)

Ayie said...

with the perfect lights, those ornaments will glow like stars!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

How beautiful! I need to make one to hang in my bathroom... I think it will be perfect dangling from my cabinet know, and one to wear! Talk about a gorgeous pendant. I'm thinking impossibly tiny pieces of glass that I'll need tweezers to glue. I can't wait! Thanks so much for hte great idea. I'll be linking as well.

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