Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Mini Postage Stamp Flags

Once in awhile a craft project will come about from something I thought I saw.  Let me explain better, a couple weeks ago I was browsing on Pinterest when I thought I saw a flag made out of stamps.  I clicked on the image to get a better look and it turned out just to be a regular flag but the idea stuck with me.  I decided to test it out with some  stamps I was collecting and that's how these cupcake mini postage stamp flags came about.

 Stamps I cut off envelopes form Hong Kong China


Stamps - Any kind will work.  If you're going to use these for a large amount of cupcakes, try choosing ones within a similar color palette. 


White Paper

Glue Stick


Scissors with stamp edge (optional)

 1. If you cut off the stamps from envelopes, you lose the stamp edge.  Go back and cut around the stamp to give it that decorative edge again.  *Optional

2.  Wrap a piece of white paper around toothpick and glue shut.  The paper should be a little smaller than your stamp when adhered to a toothpick.  If it's not, just trim off as much as needed.

3.  Glue stamp on paper.


Liz said...

Very cute. I don't have any neat stamps, but I bet I could find some online...

zakkalife said...


I'm sure you could find some high res clip art of stamps to print out. I would try There's a lot of great clip art on that site.

Backpedal said...

Those cupcakes also look fabulous! Please post the recipe!

zakkalife said...


The cupcakes are mochiko cupcakes. You can find the recipe here:

Sophie said...

cute ! Good idea !

Die Hochzeitstante said...

Hey! Here is a new born Zakka fan! Googled Zakka and found your lovely blog. Also found some inspiration for some wedding DIY on my blog I like these stamps.
Thanks! Will follow you :-)

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