Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kid Craft: Washi Tape Friendship Pins

Do you remember friendship pins?  Traditionally they were made with beads and safety pins.  As a child I enjoyed making them and giving them out out to friends.   Those memories prompted me to revisit the craft and give it a contemporary update with washi tape. I like how they ended up having a slight preppy look to them with the monograms.  These friendship pins would be great for a craft party or just an after school project.


Safety Pins - I purchased some vintage brass style pins at Michaels
Washi tape

1.  Fold tape in half over pins so both sides of the print show.

2.  Trim the bottom to make a decorative edge.

3.  Add layers of tape for extra texture. Add letters or other embellishments.


Mollie. said...

ADORABLE! I love the simplicity and sweetness.

jessica okui said...

thanks Mollie :)

Michelle L. said...

INtensely cute! Love the antiqued pins, too, they add a lot of style.

Rebecca said...

These are so cute! I want one for me :)

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