Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Itch A Skitch: My New Favorite Time Waster

Does this image look familiar to you?  It's called Itch A Skitch but it's basically the online version of an Etch A Sketch.  Just like the vintage toy, you move the knobs with the arrow keys to make a sketch.  When you want to make a new sketch, you just click on the "new skitch" button and it shakes your image away.  Click here to test it out and tell me what you think.

Did you ever have an Etch A Sketch?  What was the best thing you sketched on it?  I was never good at drawing  with it.  I always got frustrated that I couldn't make nice curved lines.


Suzanne said...

I definitely had an etch a sketch but I never could get the hang of it to make the curves that I really wanted. This looks like a fun option!

Michele Pacey said...

What fun Jessica!

Cindy said...

"Etch a Sketch" said...

Great !! I had one, in France, it called "Télécran" (télé + écran = telescreen)
thanks a lot for this sharing !

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